Bill Hero for GetReminded

December 1, 2021

We're very pleased to announce our latest partnership with GetReminded.

GetReminded is the free app that helps you avoid the Loyalty Tax with timely reminders for your important bills and recurring cost items, so that you'll always have time to review contracts, check the market and get a better deal.

Bill Hero is now working with GetReminded to help make sure that all of GetReminded's Australian users are covered when it comes to their energy bills.

Like Bill Hero, GetReminded is a privacy-first service, and promises that users data will not be used for tracking or behavioural targeting.

Your personal information is stored in our secure database and will never be shared with any third party. GetReminded does not share the user data we collect with other companies for the purpose of tracking our users across other apps and websites.

We're looking forward to working with GetReminded to help all users avoid the Loyalty Tax.

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