What to expect in your first 2 weeks as a Bill Hero subscriber

April 28, 2020

Bill Hero does more than just save you money. Bill Hero also saves you time, frustration and stress (!) by making it easy to find and switch to the best deal for you. Then, we’ll continue to look after all the boring repetitive work to make sure you stay on the best deal by monitoring the entire market.

Here’s what you can expect when you become a Bill Hero subscriber – some people call it peace of mind, we call it fighting for the people, not the energy providers.

Step 1 - Subscribe to BillHero

BillHero is a paid subscription service. Why? Because we work only for you, not for them. Bill Hero does not seek and does not accept commissions from energy retailers.Ever!


If you’re not paying for the service, then you’re the product


We’ve made the Bill Hero subscription process as painless as possible. Here’s how:

●      The subscription comes with a Savings Guarantee - $49 gets you a guaranteed saving of at least $100, or you get your money back

●      The initial subscription fee transaction is a pre-authorisation, not a payment. No money leaves your account unless your calculated savings exceed the Savings Guarantee

As part of the signup we also ask you to set your Bothered Threshold - this is the amount of additional savings you’d need to bother to switch again.

Step 2 - Upload your bill

Bill Hero does not mess about with estimated or approximate savings. We use actual data from your bill including tariff type, kWh usage, solar kWh generated if relevant, and the number of days in your billing period.

We use this data to calculate what you would have paid for that same usage over an equivalent time period under each of the available plans relevant for you, inclusive of any discounts and incentives that may apply.

Then we rank all those plans by price from top to bottom, and we even insert ‘Your Bill’ at the relevant position in the ranking - it's very illuminating to see where your bill sits among all the alternatives available.

Step 3 - Select your plan and switch

We’ll send a link to your your personalised results by email. This shows you the ranked list of all the options available, and the savings we’ve calculated for each one.

You're always in control with Bill Hero, you choose the retailer and plan that you prefer. Then we’ll help you complete your order with your selected retailer, and they’ll start the process to transfer your meter.

The first step in the transfer process is the welcome pack - your new retailer will send you detailed information covering the pricing for your new plan, along with their terms and conditions.

Then there is a minimum 10 business day cooling off period before your transfer can be completed. You can cancel your switch at any time through this period.

There needs to be a final meter reading so your old retailer can prepare their finalbill. If you have a smart meter that can be read remotely, then this happens automatically at the end of the cooling off period. If you have a manually read meter, you may have to wait until your next scheduled meter reading before the switch can be completed.

Step 4 - Relax

BillHero has got your back. As part of the switching process we set up a special email address for your bill delivery from your new retailer.

This lets us monitor every bill you receive, analyse it, and repeat the ranking process.

We’ll report back to you on every bill, and we’ll initiate a new switch whenever we find savings for you greater than your personal Bothered Threshold.

You’ve already got enough on your plate. Let Bill Hero look after your bills.

We can’t wait to start saving you money, time, frustration and stress.

Bill Hero. Savings as a Service. Guaranteed
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